Friday, February 6, 2015

The Sacramento Ballet to bring a World Premiere of the timeless classic story "Peter Pan" to the Sacramento Community Center Theater

Ron Cunningham is in the midst of creating his 25th world premiere for the Sacramento Ballet, that of Peter Pan, set to open February 13th for a four performance run.

Sitting upstairs in the Midtown ballet studio, Cunningham explained how he has always wanted to make a ballet of the classic children's story. His love of dance, the visual art to tell a story, movement, people, music, are all a part of this fascinating and highly talented choreographer's psyche.

Cunningham said he has been wanting to create Peter Pan the ballet for a number of years, but he needed the right music for the storytelling aspect.  He had been "waiting for the perfect piece of music" and he came across Silvio Amante's Score for Peter Pan which he said is "perfect to tell the story."

"The casting," said Cunningham, "fell right into place."  Rex Wheeler is Peter, Maggie Rupp plays Tinkerbelle, Alexandria Cunningham is the girl Wendy, and the character that Cunningham says "people will try to hate but can't take him to seriously" is Captain Hook played by the illustrious Christopher Nachtrab.

Sacramento Ballet - Maggie Rupp and Rex Wheeler

I watched part of the run through in the studio on Thursday, and I have to tell you that this is a fantastic work of art that Cunningham has put together along with the dancers as individuals and as a troupe. 

Cunningham says that it is his wish that when people see the Sacramento Ballet perform Peter Pan in the theater it will "reconnect them to the lost dreams of their own childhood and just suspend reality for a bit."

And after seeing part the action in the studio, I can safely say that it shouldn't be difficult to forget about all the cares of the world and "let your imagination soar on a non-stop flight past the second star on the right to Neverland with the boy who won't grow up. Join Peter, Wendy, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, and the Lost Boys as they outwit the nefarious Captain Hook, the baddest pirate of them all."

Watch for my article next week on the interviews with the main cast and more with Ron Cunningham. 

For tickets and more information go to: Sacramento Ballet's Peter Pan

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